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To read about WANDA JUNE HILL and her friendship with ELVIS PRESLEY go to THIS PAGE.

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  1. Wanda, Thank You so very much for putting this wonderful information regarding the ‘REAL’ Elvis Aron Presley out there for his loyal fans & friends to read like myself. There are so many books and lies out there that try and hurt poor Elvis for no reason other then to make a quick penny for their own sake or needs, but NOTHING and NO AMOUNT of money on this planet could ever make me believe the rumors that were never true. I love Elvis and I never even met him (pray I will soon) but I feel like I know him as well as you do. Elvis is a man, not a toy. He is loved by me through my heart & my soul. I love him for who he was/is and not what he had. And that will never change no matter what. He has a REAL loyal & trustworthy friend/lover in me. God Bless for this website and information about who Elvis truly was deep down inside his beautiful soul. XoXo Forever his loyal friend, Darcy Marie Druck

  2. Thank you for caring, Darcy. Elvis loved his fans every bit as much as they loved him.
    They were loyal, and so was he regarding pleasing them. wjh

  3. Thank you, very much! wjh

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